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Top 10 Latest Marketing Trends of 2019

Current Marketing Trends

One of the major aspects of marketing that will never change regardless of the time is visibility. The world of marketing before and after information technology transformation revolves around how consumers perceive your business. The focus is a very crucial and challenging thing in any kind of business. The bigger the business you run, the more extensive the client base is. It is a massive task to create, manage and increase your conversions while actively paying attention to the insights and trends of marketing & advertisement industry.

Online advertising requires some know-how of the platforms and how to wisely use them according to your needs. In order to find customers and keep them coming in, businesses always need to make a dedicated commitment to marketing. It has become the need of the hour to promote your business in as many ways as you can on a regular and ongoing basis.

The marketing trends keep on changing from time to time and the businesses that are flexible enough to embrace the latest trends enjoy great reputation in the market. In this article, we’ll discuss the emerging marketing as well as advertising trends that you can follow to generate sales for your business in 2019.

Top 10 Marketing Trends of 2019

Here are the latest trends in the marketing industry that can greatly help you in boosting up your marketing game:

  1. Great Focus on Customer Experience

For every kind of business, customer service is the heart of marketing. The kind of customer experience you provide to the clients tells a lot about the standard of your brand. All the successful businesses today are focusing on embracing customer-centric strategies in order to create positive digital transformations.

  1. Next Level Personalization

More and more businesses are working on developing personalization in their products to ensure that all the touch points are specific and individual. They are trying to make their purchasing process more responsive and simply streamlining it.

  1. Highly Secure Privacy Protection

With the establishment of new privacy regulation of digital marketing across the globe, privacy protection has emerged as a major selling point for the brands. Consumers are preferring those companies or products that put privacy and information security first. Even if consumers are not prioritizing privacy, the government organizations of all the states have passed laws on what businesses must do in order to protect their user’s data.

  1. Popularity of Video Marketing

You will be glad to know that content is still the king in the marketing & advertising world but the form of content marketing changes from time to time. Reviews, blogs, social content, and eBooks used to be popular marketing trends but now, video marketing is ruling the web. Consumers are getting more attracted towards the video content rather than any other kind of content marketing. In this modern era, Brands that have failed to use videos and visuals while marketing their products are being left by the wayside.

  1. Implementing Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is becoming a popular marketing tool for all kinds of businesses ranging from small to large. The marketing challenge is to use virtual reality in a way that it can make sense for the target audience thus delivering your brand message. Virtual reality is still an emerging field because many companies are still not aware of it so it’s a great opportunity for you to explore different option and get at the top.

  1. Use of Voice Search

Voice search has become one of the rapidly adapted advancements in the marketing world. It has changed the way people interact with the world around them. When you ask a question using voice search, you do not get 10 to 12 links to browse but one direct answer. That is why, you should always ensure that the voice providers (Google, Apple, Microsoft) have correct information and fact about your business.

  1. Growth of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has emerged into an amazing reality. People are experiencing its wonders in their daily life with great enthusiasm and curiosity. AI has empowered almost every product and service with intelligence. It has its roots in almost every kind of industry now. Nowadays, businesses are integrating AI with their marketing campaigns to increase user engagement.

  1. Rise of Influential Marketing

Influential marketing has made its place in the social media marketing strategy from the last few years. But, the concept of who influencers are is changing now. It has recently switched from celebrities to real people who usually have more knowledge about a particular niche or industry.

  1. Brand Recognition on Social Media

In this digital world of today, social media is serving as a great way to get recognition for your brand. Interacting with customers and engaging with them has become an important marketing trend. If your business has no presence of social media, you miss out great chances to earn customers for your business.

  1. More Agile Brands and Ad Agencies

Almost all the businesses are shifting their focus towards developing an agile methodology. It is helping them to become more flexible in responding to the rapidly changing market. Agile project management has left behind the hierarchical project management because of its self-organized team model that includes face-to-face collaboration, incremental planning, and flexibility in scope.

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